Love It or Leave It: Fendi’s New Logo Bag

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I’ve been a Fendi evangelist for years. The brand does an impressive job in a lot of areas: it comes out with new bags that don’t feel like they’re piggybacking on other brands’ popular designs, it’s one of few brands that has real success updating older styles for new seasons to regain momentum, it successfully toes the line between irreverence and luxury with its embellishments. With Fendi’s newest motif, though, I find my personal opinion a bit split. On the brand’s Fall 2017 runway, you probably noticed a lot of the new Fendi Kan I Bagswith a very particular embellishment: an open hoop front and center with a metal F seemingly toppled over inside it. Fendi has gone all-in with the idea, releasing lots of new bags that use the open F in different ways. With most of them, I feel sort of ambivalent—it seems like Fendi, in its infinite creativity, could have found something a little more surprising to do with the negative space the circle creates. fendi kan i small python bag, $2,900 via neiman marcus When the circle is used as an element of a larger design idea, though, I’m all in. My favorite example is on the bag above, where it serves as a place to anchor python petals reminiscent of a snakeskin sunflower. In my mind, embellishments are always done best when they meld decoration with the bag’s existing elements, which is exactly what we have here. Most of the implementations for this season are straightforward, but I’m excited to see how Fendi will fill and accent the open space in seasons to come. There are a million potential ways to do it, and variety is where the brand really excels.

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‘Wow’ is the right word to describe Fendi’s Fall Winter 2017 Runway. First thing first – the bag is made with a front flap and the center is where all the beauty lies. The new FENDI logo is crafted in hardware, the ‘Reversed F’ is put in a nice circle and we’re absolutely obsessed with it. This elegant bag is ideal for work or as an everyday bag – it’s made for the modern woman but it has also a timeless appeal. It comes with a short strap for tote carry, but you can also attach it to a longer strap. And by the way, the longer strap is made with the Fendi-print all over it. So how much love for this bag?


Fendi must have decided to dominate the world of tote bags because this is another work of art. Designed with sharp lines and gorgeous shape, this bag features a front zipper. The interior is just like any Fendi’s tote bag – plenty of space. The sharp lines are what makes this bags intriguing, because it feels minimalistic as well.



Mini doesn’t always mean ‘cute’, but this one does. Meet the Fendi clutch bag, it comes with a oversized ‘eyelet’ for hand-carry. The center is made with a flower, which makes our heart melt. And the best of all, it’s also made with the new ‘Reversed F’ logo.


As last, we love this trio clutch bag. And just like the mini clutch above, this one also comes with an ‘oversized eyelet’. The trio clutch is created in three sizes; from large, medium to small. It’s only pity that it doesn’t comes with a long shoulder strap, don’t you think?




























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Fendi Resort 2017 Bag Collection

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Introducing the Fendi Resort 2017 Bag Collection. Fendi’s latest collection features their classic designs such as the Baguette, Peekaboo and Dotcom bags. A new bag is also introduced this season, a mini flap bag with a chain strap. The Wavy Baguette bags from the Fall/Winter 2016 Collection are back this season in more styles and colors. Floral prints, wavy patterns and oversized studs are some of the accents in the Resort 2017 handbags.


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2Jours and Lei Selleria

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Saks Fifth Avenue Holiday Gifts Ideas Featuring Fendi Monsters & Peekaboo Bags

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To wreak style envy this holiday season, Fendi Monsters are available to shop online at Saks Fifth Avenue. As precious yet excellent gift guides for her, the world’s preeminent specialty retailer shows various lines of Fendi’s collection. From Micro Rabbit Fur, Fox Fur & Leather Baguette and signature Buggie shoulder bags, Peekaboo Micro Leather Satchel handbags to the charming yet playful Mink or Fox Fur & Sheep Fur Bag Bug charms or keychains and many other leather goods and iconic pieces of the Italian luxury fashion house are exclusively offered at the new arrivals Saks Fifth Avenue. Don’t miss also the latest classic iconic and festive essentials at Versace Holiday Accessories Collection 2016.

Fendi Monsters, Peekaboo Bags and Fox Fur Charms for Holiday at Saks Fifth Avenue

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Fendi F/W15 3Jours

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fendi_fw15-3jours1The easiest way to describe the 3Jours, another bag from Fendi that’s worth a second look, is to imagine the 2Jours but with wings. Almost the same yet completely different when put side by side (besides the 3Jours’ wings, both bags also have slightly differing shapes), you could say the 3Jours has more ‘presence’ what with its taking up more visual real estate.

fendi_fw15-3jours2A bag that’s also great for work or play (again, it comes in 2 sizes that are great for respective needs), one measures 31 cm by 22 cm while the other comes in at around 35.5 cm by 29 cm. Made available with a long shoulder sling that’s also removable, the 3Jours also comes with longer-than-usual handle drops, allowing you to comfortably tote it over the shoulder as well.

fendi_fw15-3jours3Available in many finishes from different types of calfskin leather to exotics like crocodile-print or python, the good thing about the 3Jours is that it comes solidly-hued, making it a great blank canvas for you to add on to. Good for those who like their bags clean and simple, but for me, it just means an excuse to pile on Fendi’s bag charms, from furry balls to silk bandeaus, making it truly your own.

Or, just get your bag’s hangtag embossed with bug eyes. Yes, you read it right, bug eyes!

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Fendi 3Jours Bicolor Tote Replica Bag Review

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I don’t know about you girls but I definitely love large size bags. I like them so much because I can wear them to work and get everything I need inside them, I can wear them when I go shopping or when I go out with my friends. Also I like very much when a bag is simple, when it doesn’t have a tone of embellishments. The simpler a bag is the better it works for me. These days trends change very quickly so if we go for simple and elegant we’ll never get wrong. A very good choice when it comes to this kind of bags is the Fendi replica handbags.

fendi 3jours bicolor blue

The 3Jours bicolor Tote Bag is the new and updated version of the very well-known Fendi 2Jours Tote Bag. I like the new version better because it has wider lateral wings, the Fendi metal bar trim was split in two parts for more flexibility and the leather straps are longer for easier shoulder carry. I also like very much the interior of this bag. It is enough spacious with a zipper pocket and two cell phones pockets so we can have everything organized as it has to be.

fendi 3jours bicolor brown

I saw a lot of celebrities wearing the new Fendi 3Jours bicolor Tote Bag, celebrities like Kate Upton or Cheryl Cole; I love how it completes their outfit. It is amazing how this beautiful bag can transform a casual outfit into one elegant and very stylish one. There are a lot of different versions of this bicolor beautiful bag; you can find it in solid colors or in denim stripes. But of course you’ll have to pay attention to what you purchase. You’ll have to know that if you want a good replica this should be made with very firm leather that should also feel soft and the metal bar trim should be silver, not gold or any other color.

celebrities with fendy 3jours bicolor

A beautiful bag like this Fendi 3Jours bicolor Tote Bag can be worn by anyone on any occasion. It completes a perfect outfit and makes any girl feel beautiful and elegant. This is definitely the main goal for any bag designer.

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