Chanel Nubuck Chevron Boy Bag Reference Guide

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Chanel features a new Boy Bag for their Pre-Fall 2016 Collection. Made of Nubuck, it has a Chevron pattern with a tone-on-tone stitching. It comes in a variety of colors such as Burgundy, Black, Blue and Brown.

Style & Price



Chanel Nubuck Chevron Boy Medium Bag $4,700.00 (USD)
Chanel Nubuck Chevron Boy Large Bag $4,900.00 (USD)


Chanel Burgundy Nubuck Chevron Boy Medium Bag

Chanel Blue Nubuck Chevron Boy Large Bag
Chanel Blue Nubuck Chevron Boy Medium Bag
Chanel Brown Nubuck Chevron Boy Large Bag
Chanel Brown Nubuck Chevron Boy Medium Bag
Chanel Burgundy:Red:Black Nubuck Chevron Boy Medium Bags

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First Look: Piaget’s Sunny Side of Life high jewelry and fine watch collection

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piaget-sunny-side-of-life-high-jewellery (1)

piaget-sunny-side-of-life-high-jewellery (6)
This stunning ring features a veritable bouquet of diamonds surrounding a 5.85-carat yellow diamond to create a dazzling flower.
piaget-sunny-side-of-life-high-jewellery (3)
We also love this luxuriant floral watch featuring two oval-cut 2.89-carat diamonds.
piaget-sunny-side-of-life-high-jewellery (5)
The distinctive long leaves of swaying palms have inspired this stunning diamond necklace.
piaget-sunny-side-of-life-high-jewellery (4)
Leaf motifs are innovatively woven into many pieces from this collection.
piaget-sunny-side-of-life-high-jewellery (7)
Pink flamingoes seem to twinkle in this cocktail ring featuring a non-heated cushion-type 5.31-carat Madagascar pink sapphire surrounded small pink sapphires and white diamonds.
piaget-sunny-side-of-life-high-jewellery (8)
4.58-carat Madagascar pink sapphires are at the core of these earrings that almost resemble wings.
piaget-sunny-side-of-life-high-jewellery (9)
Aquatic inspiration is behind this white gold cuff studded with lapis lazuli, blue sapphires and diamonds.
piaget-sunny-side-of-life-high-jewellery (2)
More lapis lazuli are used in this necklace and earrings to denote the depths of deep pools of cool water. Just looking at this collection feels refreshing!

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The 5 Most Popular Posts of June 2016

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Céline F/W16 Tri-Fold

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I’ll be honest, the first time I laid eyes on Céline’s F/W16 Tri-Fold, I wasn’t impressed. It looked too big, it looked chunky, it wasn’t even structured, all qualities that I don’t fancy in a bag. Bags I usually like are small, sleek and structured. Then I took a step back and deliberated again. And it hit me. The Tri-Fold wasn’t made to be a pretty little thing, one that would perch happily on the table whilst your girlfriends and you had tea. It was made to be a workhouse that a modern OL (you know, office lady) would find extremely useful without sacrificing on style.

A bag that’s still definitely Céline, what with her wide gussets and long leather laces on a semi-glossy leather body that’s very them, it’s also called the Tri-Fold because if you looked at the bag from the top down, you’ll see 3 very distinct compartments. The middle compartment comes with a zip that runs right across it, with a side compartment holding additional patch pockets for additional organisation.


In other words, you can comfortably fit in your laptop, your A4 documents, notebooks, a portable umbrella and even a shawl, along with your wallet, keys and other bits and bobs. And because I’ve even seen it hold that much in real life (yes @plumtr3, I’m stalking your IG account) and still look good, I’m even more convinced. In other words, it’s a modern day equivalent of Doraemon’s Obtaining Bag.

Priced from SGD4200 and up in Singapore, you’ll find the Tri-Fold in many colours too, from Black to Burgundy to Moss Green, just to name a few. A bag for every day, an everyday bag. What’s not to love?

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Chanel 2.55 Smooth Nude Flap Bag From Pre-Fall 2016 Collection

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For Chanel’s Pre-Fall 2016 Collection, the brand has released a new version of their iconic 2.55 Reissue Flap Bag. The Chanel 2.55 Nude Bag is a new version of the original flap minus the signature quilted pattern. It is made of smooth calfskin and currently comes in different colors such as Beige Black, Burgundy, Navy and Camel. It is available in two sizes, 225 (Medium) and 226 (Jumbo). Prices remains the same as the quilted 2.55 Reissue flap bags.

Style, Price & Size




Chanel Size 226 2.55 Nude Bag $5,500.00 (USD) 7.7″ x 11″ x 3″
Chanel Size 225 2.55 Nude Bag $4,900.00 (USD) 6.3″ x 9.4″ x 3″
Chanel Size 225 with Medals 2.55 Nude Bag $4,900.00 (USD)


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Blake Lively Launched Another Press Tour, & Celebs Have Stepped Up Their Handbag Game Accordingly

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