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This is the newest Chanel Zipped Pouch with Chain, which is another signature phone holder and is a slightly different design than the version we’ve presented before.

A perfect go-to and everyday Chanel pouch, this one is for the books especially for women who cannot leave the house without any bag in tow. Perfect for fitting your iPhone or other Android phone, this one is casual chic. Mind you, it can also hold your other essentials such as lipstick, mirror, and blush if ever you need quick touch ups while you’re out and about.

Aside from its cute size, it also features the iconic CC logo on its flap, the signature diamond quilting, interwoven chain strap and has zipper for security purposes.

We still don’t have further information about the particular size and pricing of this Chanel pouch but we’ll keep you posted.

The estimated size is 6.8’ x 4.5’ x 2.8’ inches and estimated prices are $1800 USD, €1650 euro, $13800 HKD, $2630 SGD, $2670 AUD, ¥218160 JPY and available for Chanel boutiques.

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Louis Vuitton Chevron Capucines Bag

Louis Vuitton

louis-vuitton-chevron-capucines-bag My oh my! Look at this beauty! We could stare at it all day long without feeling guilty. Ladies, this is the Louis Vuitton Chevron Capucines Bag and mind you, it’s worth the splurge! The Capucines is becoming an iconic Louis Vuitton bag thanks to its sexy silhouette that makes it a true masterpiece in the eyes of bag lovers. Trendy, chic, and snazzy, this Louis Vuitton creation is the perfect way to start your 2017 right. The Chevron print is apparent thanks to its V design but aside from this, we also love its multi-functionality. With its one-of-a-kind detailing, this lightweight and sophisticated bag can be worn in many ways: over the shoulder or on the crook of your elbow, or cross-body, with the flap inside, to show off the exclusive covered LV signature, or out, to display the dainty Monogram flower motif. Now let’s get on to the bag details. The Chevron Capucines Bag is unlike any for it features silver colored metallic pieces instead of the usual gold. It has a handle for hand carry, a removable long strap for several carrying purposes. For security, it has a snap hook to secure your belongings and has a compartmented interior with zipped pocket. It comes in several colours that you can choose from, including Bleu Jean and Cherry, measures 12.2” x 7.9” x 4.3” (L x H x W) inches and is priced $4950 USD, €3600 euro, £3350 GBP, $40500 HKD, $6400 AUD via Louis Vuitton e-store or boutiques. louis-vuitton-chevron-capucines-bag-3 louis-vuitton-chevron-capucines-bag-2 Louis Vuitton Chevron Capucines Bag Louis Vuitton Chevron Capucines Bag Collection Louis Vuitton Chevron Capucines Bag is latest collection of very beautiful and very suitable for 2017. This bag is very frowned upon all women, because this bag has a very pretty color and perfect. This bag has handrails and string length. This bag also has a security that has a snap hooks for securing your stuff and has a compartmented interior with zip pocket. Louis Vuitton Chevron Capucines Bag has a size of 12.2 x 8.2 x 4.3 (L x h x W) inches. This bag comes with a few colors you can choose Bleu Jean and cherry. This sophisticated bag is lightweight and can be worn many ways, over the shoulder or dent Your elbow, or cross-body with the flap, to show off the exclusive covered LV signature, or exit and to display small Monogram florals. Particularly remarkable is not the bag. Below is the latest collection of Louis Vuitton Chevron Capucines Bag. Louis Vuitton Chevron Capucines Bag Collection Louis Vuitton Chevron Capucines Bag CollectionLouis Vuitton Chevron Capucines Louis Vuitton Chevron Capucines Bag Collection


louis-vuitton-mini-capucines-bag All that glitters is gold and this chic little bag from Louis Vuitton is but an example. Introducing the ideal day-to-evening bag, the Louis Vuitton Mini Capucines Bag. With its intriguingly and beguiling small size, this Mini Capucines Bag is the one thing you’ll be needing for all occasions whether it be to attend a wedding, gala night, fancy dinner, or a fun night out with your girlfriends. Its lightweight and roomy features despite its size makes it all the more adorable! Despite its size, this Mini Capucines Bag is all about functionality and style thanks to its handle and removable strap, which makes it possible to wear as a hand, shoulder or cross body bag. It also features a double carry style: flap inside or outside. For those who are curious, yes, it offers a compartmented interior with flap pocket. Measuring 7.9” x 5.1” x 2.8” (L x H x W) inches and is priced $6500 USD

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She's undoubtedly a huge name on the modelling front and Alessandra Ambrosio continues to cement her supermodel status by bringing her A-game to awards season.

After turning heads on the red carpet at this year's Grammy Awards, the sexy catwalk queen delivered yet another knockout look at the Republic Records Grammy after-party.

Dressed in a figure-hugging black and gold studded jumpsuit, the Victoria's Secret Angel showed off her cleavage to the max.

Scroll down for video 

Edgy beauty: Supermodel Alessandra Ambrosio turned heads in a black and gold jumpsuit at the Republic Records Grammy after-party at the Hyde Sunset Kitchen and Cocktail bar in Los Angeles on Monday night

Edgy beauty: Supermodel Alessandra Ambrosio turned heads in a black and gold jumpsuit at the Republic Records Grammy after-party at the Hyde Sunset Kitchen and Cocktail bar in Los Angeles on Monday night

The detailed jumpsuit was cinched in at the waist with a thick black belt to accentuate her shape.

Accessorising cleverly with large orbital style hoop earrings, an ankle cuff and a metallic gold clutch, the 34-year-old shone as she showed off her outfit on the red carpet. 

After closing out the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show last night, Alessandra Ambrosio went on to walk the pink carpet in a stunning, sheer look. But what's perhaps the most striking about the gown—by London-based designer Alessandra Rich—was that it was reminiscent of Jennifer Lopez's iconic 2000 Grammy Awards dress.

Sixteen years ago, JLo attended the Grammys in a sheer, plunging Versace number (worn backwards) whose revealing silhouette caused a stir (if people only knew the naked dresses that would follow). But through the scandal, a quintessential red carpet moment was born. Less than two decades later, Ambrosio's iteration takes on a similar shape—long sleeves, barely-there fabric cinched at the waist with a brooch, a mile-high slit—but it adds structure on the shoulders and breaks the deep-V neckline with a mock-neck choker.

Left: Lopez at the 2000 Grammy Awards. Right: Ambrosio at the 2017 VSFS afterparty.

The model channels a dark glamour in her version of the look, compared to JLo's breezy, tropical printed original. But if Ambrosio intended to give a subtle tribute to a major red carpet moment in recent fashion and pop culture history, she had the right source of inspiration.

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Louis Vuitton

Introducing the Louis Vuitton Epi Kleber Bag. The Kleber is a structured top handle bag made of the brand’s grained cowhide Epi leather. The bag makes a perfect business bag with its clean lines and simple yet elegant design. It has smooth cowhide trim and microfiber lining. Inside, you will find 2 interior compartments, zipped pockets and double smartphone pocket. The exterior has a back pocket in contrasting smooth leather. It includes a removable shoulder strap, allowing the bag to be carried by hand or on the shoulder. Available in two sizes, PM and MM.

** US Prices will be updated as soon as it becomes available.

Style, Price & Size




Louis Vuitton Epi Kleber MM Bag €1,880.00 14.9” L x 9.1” H x 5.5” W
Louis Vuitton Epi Kleber PM Bag €1,680.00 11.8” L x 7.5” H x 4.7” W


Looking for a new Louis Vuitton bag to take on the world? Well, this timeless Kleber Bag is sure to give you that with its up-to-date details in Epi leather. The Kleber Bag is a beautiful Louis Vuitton leather bag to carry with you during office meetings and other business dealings.

A perfect addition to your ever-growing bag collection, the Kleber Bag is a definite wardrobe essential that can transform your look in an instant! What’s more exciting is that it comes in three different colors you can choose from like Hot Pink, Coquelicot, and Noir.

Lets’ talk more about the bag details. It is made from grained cowhide Epi leather, smooth cowhide trim with microfiber lining, and silver colour metallic pieces. Looking inside, this bag has a lot to offer! It has 2 inside back pocket in contrasting smooth leather, 2 inside compartments, an inside zipped pocket, and a double smartphone pocket! It also has a magnetic closure Louis Vuitton Paris signature, thus making it all the more beautiful.

As additional information, the shape and design of the Kleber Bag looks quite similar to the Louis Vuitton Capucines Bag. It also appears to be a less expensive version.


The details:
Louis Vuitton Kleber PM Bag
Size: 11.8′ x 7.5′ x 4.7′ L x H x W) inches
Price: €1680 euro, £1410 GBP

Louis Vuitton Kleber MM Bag
Size: 15′ x 9.1′ x 5.5′ (L x H x W) inches
Price: €1880 euro, £1580 GBP





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15 Things Amanda Wants

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Chanel: 6 Things You Didn’t Know About The J12

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Think J12 and the following probably comes to mind. Iconic, sporty and all that gorgeous high-tech ceramic. But that’s about it really. It’s been worn by a myriad of celebrities, it’s its own model in ad campaigns, it’s even popular with both boys and girls, but beyond that, I knew zilch about what truly makes a J12 a J12.

Which led me on a personal quest of sorts to find out more about this timepiece, one that I myself have been attracted to for the longest time (it is, after all, one of the 3 timepieces that’s still floating on my wish list). And because only by truly understanding how and what it is all about inside and out is the only way I’ll be able to appreciate it even more, here’s part 1 of a two-part post since I’d rather not overwhelm you on my first attempt.

Without further ado, here goes.


#1 – For starters, not many know that white wasn’t even the first colour the J12 was launched in; it was black, and that came out in 2000. I would have assumed otherwise, since the one in white high-tech ceramic has become the de facto face of the J12. In truth, the white one (which we are all certainly more familiar with), came out 3 years later in 2003. #mindblown

#2 – Although it is popular with the ladies today, it was created by a man who was seeking to make a watch that he himself would wear. The watch’s face is inspired by the speedometers you see on nautical vessels. Its name (J12) isn’t a reference to Coco Chanel or anything linked to her past; J is reference to the J-class yachts that race in sailing competitions like the America’s Cup. The 12? It’s the length of the yacht in metres used in this class, thus, the J12. #mindblown

#3 – Used more commonly in knifes, body armour and even space shuttle capsules, Chanel wasn’t the first to employ the use of high-tech ceramics, but they were the ones who refined it to the highest degree, a lustrous high-shine material that is non-porous and keeps its colour consistent. It won’t fade, or ‘yellow’ for that matter, and it is said that J12 watches made many years ago look exactly like the brand new ones you’ll see displayed within the glass cases in Chanel boutiques today. Which is saying a lot as far as longevity is concerned, right? #mindblown

Stay tuned for part 2 next week, and if anyone has any questions regarding the J12, just drop a comment here and let me do the research for you. And I’ll be right back with the second part in a week or so.

To celebrate its latest watch, the J12 Moonphase, Chanel has created a short film that imagines what it would be like to delve inside the timepiece's housing.

Why such a romantic notion for a watch based on technical innovation? It includes a complication that tracks the four phases of the moon, with symbols representing each phase located on a blue aventurine disc that looks like the night sky. The imagery in the film befits this watch's heavenly aspirations: everything in it is white, including a stallion seen galloping to the edge of a snow-covered cliff and a sailboat on a gently moving lake.

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